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Surviving Emotional Rollercoasters

Last week was Rollercoaster Day which celebrates the first vertical loop rollercoaster on 16th August 1898.   This brought back great memories of days spent with family when young.  We enjoyed the apprehension as we queued up, followed by the exhilaration and sometimes sheer terror of rollercoaster rides.

With my Hypnotherapist’s hat on I also begin to think about the emotional rollercoasters that we all face.

This year, for example, we’ve undergone the joy and disappointment of the Euros and the Olympics and the gripping ups and downs of our favourite tv thrillers.    On a more serious note, however, we’ve enjoyed the excitement of Covid restrictions being lifted yet the fears that it’s still a danger.  We’ve experienced  the joyful family celebrations of some and the heart-breaking sadness of those who have recently lost family and friends.

Causes and effects

These rollercoaster rides can result in exhaustion or a sense of losing control.  We might feel that this rollercoaster ride will never end, and we’ll never recover.   They can cause us to behave irrationally or let fly and upset others.    They make us feel on edge or angry.

The emotional rollercoaster can be brought on by many things.  They include everyday problems and stresses, depression or extreme tiredness, chronic illness or pain and hormonal changes.

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Spring-clean your mind to deal with your anxiety

Cherry Tree in bloomSpring is here at last!

The flowers are appearing and everything seems so much brighter.

We start spring-cleaning our homes and looking forward to the longer, lighter days.

How about a spring-clean for the mind then? How about clearing out all those negative, fearful thoughts so that you can accept things and spring into action?

Are you one of those people who is constantly worrying about life’s ‘What ifs’, clogging up your mind with junk thoughts?

What if it all goes wrong?
What if I say the wrong thing?
What if something terrible happens?
What if I don’t know anyone? etc.

These kinds of thoughts tend to wear us down and keep us in a cycle of worry which at best does nothing for us and at worst can make us ill.  So the next time you are aware of yourself having a negative What if? thought, recognise and accept that it’s a waste of your time and energy, that it’s not helping you in any way and just clear it away, thus letting go of the junk in your mind.

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