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Coping with the Current Virus Chaos - Improve your Relationships using the Power of Hypnosis

Welcome to the Coping with the Current Virus Chaos Series.  Here we are looking at Improving your Relationships using the Power of Hypnosis.


Our lives and the way we lead them are changing in so many ways due to the Coronavirus situation.

Just at a point where our relationships should be a comfort, for many they are being severely tested.

We do not expect to be spending every part of every day with each other.   If you and your partner are working from home with no place to go in the evenings, you may be finding that the challenge of lock-down or quarantine is causing some tension.

It is not surprising given the greater stress we are all experiencing currently.

Now is the time to take some steps.   As we don’t know how much longer this situation will continue we need to make sure that our relationships stand the test of time.    Perhaps we can even come out of it stronger.

Here are some approaches to use:

  1. Appreciate your differences
    Write down the positive differences between you.   This is very useful in helping you start to appreciate each other again.
  2. Avoid Belittling or Criticising
    When frustrations increase or one is putting down the other, say something silly.   Your partner will be so surprised, it will throw them and may even cause them to laugh.     Most importantly, however it will break any pressure.
  3. Cuddle Up
    Make some time to just cuddle without any additional expectation
  4. Acknowledge each other’s Dreams
    Inspire your partner to fulfil their dreams and ask them to let you achieve yours too.    With that freedom comes happiness.
  5. Do not Argue – Discuss
    Change irritating comments into humour – don’t let them get to you – imagine the situation as a cartoon that you can laugh at.
  6. Learn to Listen
    Make a conscious effort to take time to really listen to what your partner has to say
  7. Value what’s Real
    Don’t prime your partner to fail by having too high expectations of them.

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