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Don’t just take my word for how I can help. Thank you to the clients below who have taken the time to write about how they have benefited from our work together.

Just to let you know that I have finally passed my driving test.  I really think that I couldn’t have done it without your help.  The  techniques that you taught me and the hypnotherapy itself were really useful in overcoming my fear and lack of confidence.  Many thanks

Naomi Berger

At high school I began feeling really unwell during school to the point where I felt I could not be in class, which we later found out was due to anxiety. My mum and I went to see doctor after doctor to try and find what was “wrong” with me; the doctors had no idea. That is when I met Linda and learned tools to carry with me for life.  After my first of just three sessions with Linda I was able to sit through a full year assembly and have my first full day back in classes.  After all three sessions I acquired the skills which enabled me to totally return to classes and sit all my exams. I am now 21 and in my last year at University. Without these tools and Linda I would not have been in this position.

NS, Student

Linda helped me achieve what I believed was impossible with an issue I had with eating certain foods, she was very professional, calming and really took my problem on board.

I was shocked at the speed the therapy worked and how effective and everlasting it is, I can finally eat whatever I want and try any new food put in front of me,

Linda changed my life for the better in a very short amount of time,

Many thanks.

Kevin, Oxfordshire

After 5 fruitless years of seeking help from the medical profession, I came to Linda with my daughter’s, sometimes quite severe and debilitating, tummy painLinda has a wonderful, soothing and understanding manner, which eased any nerves my daughter may of had at attending hypnotherapy, and it only took 3 sessions to reduce these pains to almost nothing. I now have a happy, smiling child again, which is wonderful. We wish we had met Linda sooner!

G Riley

“Your hypnotherapy session gave me my confidence back. I am now self-assured and calm when facing any type of audience. My self-belief has returned. Thank you so much.”

K Stewart, Manager

“In recent years I developed a great fear of flying. It had worsened and become so acute that I deliberately avoided even the most tempting of trips if a flight was involved. I would shake and worry if ever I needed to take even a short flight and would feel completely embarrassed at this seemingly uncontrollable fear that would show itself through my sitting with my head in my hands during a flight, gripping on to my partner if there was the slightest bump or noise change. The discomfort for me was dreadful, the terror-filled time spent in the air completely distressing and I felt several times that I would have to be sedated or something if I couldn’t control what I felt was the onset of full blown panic attacks.

I went to see Linda late last year for some help. I was completely open-minded but couldn’t really believe that I would ever get over this fear. After only four sessions with Linda my outlook towards flying changed. I was greatly impressed by how she seemed to ‘tailor’ our sessions specifically for me; her kindness, professionalism and understanding allowed me to go with what she recommended and to trust that she was indeed helping me to overcome this. I felt that it was possible for me to become at least less afraid. I used the techniques she was teaching me in random, semi stressful situations to become used to them and to see how stress levels could be controlled and not take over me.

The proof of the pudding as it were came when I needed to fly to the Isle of Man on business. I sat in the small airport waiting to board on my way home, it was winter and announcements suggested that we might not be able to leave because of the horrible weather conditions; wind howling and torrential rain. I boarded the plane and flew home as easily as if I’d been boarding a train. I am so grateful to Linda.”


“I suddenly found myself in a situation that meant I had to host a 2 hour presentation to a group of business professionals – not my forte! Whilst outwardly I may appear confident, inwardly the thought filled me with complete abject fear – I absolutely knew that two weeks of sleepless nights lay ahead of me! I’d heard that Linda had worked with other business professionals to help them overcome confidence issues and whilst a sceptic as far as hypnotherapy was concerned I was desperate to try anything that might help.

We had an initial meeting to discuss what I hoped to achieve and for a bit of history taking. At the beginning of my first actual hypnotherapy session I stated to Linda that I thought I was wasting her time as I really didn’t believe she could help. How wrong can you be!

After only 2 sessions I ‘walked’ that first presentation without a single sleepless night. Six months down the line and I’m able to present regularly to high calibre businesses without fear and trepidation. I’d go so far to say that I actually enjoy it now – believe me I never thought I’d say that!

As a business owner I had no idea how much my lack of confidence had been holding not just me back but was also stifling the business. Working with Linda has transformed our plans for growth and expansion and the speed at which we’re able to implement them.”

Sonia Kearns, Director, Opendoorz Ltd

“I have just had five sessions with Linda and I feel like a new woman!

I am the type of person who worries about things before they have happened, I guess this was a type of anxiety and started to take over my life. I was very sceptical about the whole experience and didn’t know what to expect. When I turned up to Linda’s place she was so warm and welcoming. We had a long chat first before Linda then relaxed me totally and started working with me on my goals.

When I left the first session I didn’t feel any different for about two days.

I then found myself trying to worry about things and couldn’t! It was as if Linda had placed a blocker to stop me from having these feelings of worry. I was telling myself to get on with something productive instead! We were then able to explore other areas of professional development and the results were outstanding!

With my hand on my heart, I would wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone I knew!!!!”

Tessa Hince, Commercial Manager

“I was sceptical at first that hypnotherapy would help my phobia (emetophobia) as I could never envision myself without the anxiety. However I was proved very wrong as I am now even able to look after people who are being sick whereas before anything associated with it would make me feel anxious and panicky. I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy as it enables me to fully enjoy myself/go about daily tasks without my phobia hanging over me.”

N Campbell, Student

“Returning to academic study after an absence of 20 years, I encountered tremendous difficulty with concentration when attempting to study.

Without the hypnotherapy sessions and the relaxation and concentration techniques you taught me I doubt if I could have achieved what I did in my course.

Not only did you help me with the immediate concentration problem but I have used the techniques to help me many times since. Thank you very much for all your help.”

J Dobbin, Manager

“Linda has helped me work through a serious phobia that I’ve held for over 30 years. She gave me a calm, trusting and confidential space to explain my problems, and just being able to talk to someone who totally understood was a great relief. We worked with hypnosis and EFT to help me overcome my fears, and I’m confident I have these tools now to help me deal with future situations. The progress made in each session was amazing, and I can face things I’ve never been able to do before. To make these achievements was also really empowering, and I know now that I can overcome anything. Thank you so much Linda!”

E, Witney

I had a real problem with nerves before flying, to the extent that I had refused to get on the plane.   Linda really helped me manage that; although I’m still nervous before flights I feel much better able to control those nerves and they are nowhere near as bad as before. I hope that in time, and with the techniques I have learnt, flying will become just another day to day activity for me!

C, Oxfordshire

“I’d quit smoking lots of times, but always felt like I was denying myself something and always started again. When I met Linda and she said she could ‘free’ me from smoking in just two sessions I was a bit sceptical, but at 50 and with both parents prematurely dead from smoking-related illnesses, I knew I needed to do something.

I’d never been hypnotised before and didn’t know what to expect (well – I expected new-age mumbo-jumbo), but Linda is very professional – more like a doctor or a counsellor – and really put me at ease.

By the time I’d finished my second session I had no desire to smoke, and find it hard to imagine how I ever did. Even at pubs and festivals – places where I’ve always buckled in the past – I haven’t even thought about smoking.

It’s now over a year since my last cigarette, and I’ve just bought a new iPad with some of the money I’ve saved.

Since then I’ve recommended Linda to family and friends, and she’s worked wonders with exam stress and social anxiety too.”

Simon Gregory, Creative Director, Oxford

“When I was invited to Morocco I knew that I had to either refuse the invitation or finally seek help to cure my fear of heights. Anything above 10m would give me a panic attack and this situation was getting worse as the years passed.

As I really wanted to join my friends in Morocco I decided to try hypnotherapy. After quite an extensive search I chose Linda because she uses different techniques including NLP.

Already after three sessions I could feel the difference. I was not afraid of being afraid anymore!

My holiday in Morocco has been the best ever. I have climbed mountains, have seen scenery that I never thought I would and all this thanks to Linda!”

A France

“The best seat in town is now the dentist‘s chair!”


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