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Coping with the Current Virus Chaos – Sleep

Sleep Soundly with Hypnosis

One of the main impacts of the current pandemic is that for many of us it is disrupting our sleep.    When we are stressed or things have changed dramatically for us it can, therefore, make sleep more difficult.

Many are finding they are having trouble sleeping when it has never been an issue before, others are finding it’s exacerbating existing problems.    It is different for each person.     Perhaps you are experiencing some of the following:

Staying awake longer than usual
Waking up several times during the night
Not being able to get back to sleep once awakened
Having more vivid or emotional dreams
Feeling exhausted, frustrated or short-tempered in the morning
Having trouble performing or focusing

If you use good sleep hygiene methods you will certainly get a sleep better.

Many sleep issues can be helped with Hypnosis.

If you are having problems with sleep and other treatments are not working, then hypnosis may be able to help you sleep well again.    Hypnotherapy uses different methods to help with relaxation and is a perfectly natural treatment.   Moreover, there are no side effects, unlike sleep medication, therefore, it can be very useful for those who prefer not to take sleeping pills.

Hypnosis can bring relief to the endless tossing and turning in bed – lessening the worry, stress and anxiety that sleeplessness brings – and return the deep, soothing and healthy sleep that we all require.

For some great hints and tips for getting a good night’s sleep plus details on how to get a FREE hypnosis  download to get you on the road to sleeping well click here Sleep Soundly

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